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Hurricane Facts and Myths in Sarasota

Hurricane preparation protects your family and valuables, but you may have heard information that’s a bit nonfactual. For instance, using tape to form an “X” over the window will not keep it from breaking, nor will it keep you safe. You should opt for permanent storm shutters or plywood boards. This isn’t the only misconception of preparing for a hurricane.

Myth #1: You Only Need to Protect Windows That Face the Water
Winds from a hurricane are powerful. They may lead to landscape materials and other outdoor items becoming projectiles that destroy your siding and windows. You never know quite which way they’re going to fly; therefore, you need to secure all sides of the house to protect against high winds and flying objects, not just water.

Myth #2: Your Body Weight is Enough to Protect Windows and Doors
Your body weight isn’t enough to lean against a window or door in order to keep it from blowing inward. You put yourself in danger when you stand in front of a window or door. You actually want to stay away from windows and doors. It’s best to close all interior doors in addition to bracing external doors prior to a storm. Instead of standing in front of a door, hide in a closet, hallway or interior room on the lowest level of the house.

Myth#3: Alleviate Pressure by Opening Windows 
Some say the pressure builds up in a home and causes structural damage. This misconception does completely the opposite of what people say it does. You won’t alleviate pressure; you put you and your family more at risk. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration states houses aren’t built airtight, and over-pressurization to this degree isn’t possible. Open windows during a storm allow flying objects to enter the home. Closing the windows will prevent objects from flying in.

Myth #4: It Will Not Happen Here
This is a huge myth, probably the biggest. Never believe it won’t happen here. Every year, strong winds, floods, rains and coastal storms affect areas other than just coastal regions. Hurricanes affect areas inland as well as on the coast, even though they’re not always hit in the same way. You can say it won’t happen and even hope it doesn’t, but nothing will prevent it. You must prepare to keep your family, yourself and your business safe.

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