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Boat Insurance


Physical Damage Protection
Watercraft hull and equipment coverage helps pay for repairs or replacement of your boat in the event of theft or damage. Every insured is comfortable with a different range of risk and that is why we offer many different deductible options. Choose from a range of options depending on your preferred risk level.

Agreed Value
The purchase of physical damage protection with an agreed value settlement option settlement is based on the agreed value. The agreed value of your boat described in your declarations page, is paid should the repair costs equal the value of your boat. If the loss is a partial loss, there is no deductible for depreciation.

Replacement Coverage
With replacement cost coverage, we will pay for a new boat of the same type after total loss or theft. The replacement boat would be of the same make, class, size and type in the event of this total loss.

Personal effects
Personal effects coverage can protect valuable items on board. These items can include cell phones, flotation devices, cameras, and water skis. Most policies will include coverage for up to $1,000 in coverage but higher limits can be purchased.

Watercraft Liability
Watercraft liability coverage will help pay for damages for bodily injury or property damage for which you are legally liable through ownership, maintenance, or use of your boat. Coverage includes partaking in watersport activities for most boat types. This liability coverage will not pay for damage to your boat or injuries to you. This coverage is meant to protect your assets from costs association with damages and injuries that you cause to others.

Pollution Liability
Pollution liability covers damage or cleanup resulting from unintentional contaminant spillage. The pollution liability coverage will protect you from these incidences in which you are held legally liable.

Medical Payments
Medical coverage helps to cover necessary medical treatment due to an accident causing injury to any person in or around your boat. This can be coverage for those in your boat, upon boarding your boat or leaving you boat.

Uninsured Boater
Uninsured boater coverage can help covers damages to you or a family member if you are injured by a boater that does not have insurance or enough insurance to pay for your damages. This is for bodily injury to you that results from an accident while aboard the watercraft.

Towing Coverage

Towing coverage will reimburse you for reasonable costs that you may incur should you require commercial towing assistance. This will coverage towing your watercraft to the nearest facility where necessary repairs can be made or for the delivery of gas, oil, parts or a loaned battery. The coverage will also provide emergency labor while away from safe harbor.


Fishing equipment coverage
Optional fishing equipment coverage can be added to any insurance policy. It provides replacement coverage for the amount declared in your policy.