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Insuring Your Sarasota Scooter

Scooters and mopeds offer incredible value in the world of rising gas prices, and more people have been turning to them to them as their main or secondary form of transportation. Their convenience for moving through tight spaces, affordability and ease in finding parking has helped increase their sales from 2008 to 2011 — setting record numbers according to the Motor Industry Council in Irvine, California. 

Comparing the scooter to the car in terms of cost is an absolute no-brainer. The actual scooter itself will only run you between $2,000 and $5,000, depending on how much power you need, while used scooters or those built from kits will be even less. According to scooterfocus.com, for local outings and errands, a 50cc gas scooter can go up to 35 mph at 130 mpg. The 250cc model can go more than 60 mph at up to 70 mpg for longer trips. Europeans have long taken advantage of these practical, cheap and fun ways to get from one place to the next. 

Because of the nature of how scooters and mopeds are used, it’s not required you purchase insurance in some states. In fact, you may not even need to register them. However, having some type of coverage, even at just the bare minimum, makes sense to protect the vehicle, those who use it and those who may be affected if there’s a crash. As an added plus, the insurance itself is much cheaper than traditional vehicles. A representative of State Farm confirmed that motorcycle and car insurance is more expensive than those of scooters. Actual rates will depend on the driving record of the insured, age and type of scooter. They offer several different polices for people to choose from. Some insurance companies will even give you a discount if you take a safety course or bundle your premium with another vehicle. 

You can expect to see the following types of policies to choose from:

Bodily injury/liability: Scooters don’t offer the same protection as a car does in the event of an accident, and with the rise of scooter sales there’s also been a rise of scooter fatalities. Always wear a helmet to decrease your chances of major bodily harm. If you are in an accident with a pedestrian, you’re liable for their injuries, so having insurance to cover yourself and others is crucial to avoid legal headaches.  

Property damage/liability: Should the driver of the scooter mar another’s car, land or other property, this insurance covers the costs and potentially can be used as a legal defense. 

Accessories: Total coverage gives you insurance not just on the scooter or moped, but also any accessories you may purchase like radios, side cars or backrests. These purchases can add up, so having that little extra coverage may be a smart move. 

Collision: Any damage resulting from an accident (regardless of the fault of the driver) will be covered under this policy. 

Comprehensive: This protects you against everything else that may happen to your vehicle: natural disasters, vandalism or theft.

Medical payments: This covers continuing medical treatments for other people involved in the accident if you were at fault. 

Roadside assistance:  Insurance to cover repairs if you’re on the road and need help. 

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